Водолазные часы 295ЧС ТДК/Diving watch 295CHS TDK

Наименование 295ЧС ТДК
Сертификат соответствия  № РОСС RU.ИФ06.К00037
Водонепроницаемость 700 метров
Масса часов Не более 0,25 кг
Продолжительность работы часов от одного полного завода пружины 31 час
Средний суточный ход часов при температуре (20  5) С  
Диаметр корпуса часов 46мм 
Ремешок кожаный
Материал корпуса Титановый дамаск кристаллизованный из Санкт-Петербурга
Расположение заводной головки 9(слева)
Цвет корпуса, ободка, защитного колпачка Цветной с кристализацией
Механизм часов Ракета 2615 с автоподзаводом или Восток 2415 или Восток 2416б с календарём
Циферблат Титановый дамаск кристаллизованный из Санкт-Петербурга
 Стекло  Сапфировое

Hello. My name is Michael Sitchikhin. I am the founder of "CrystalTi Lab." (Crystallized titanium) and one of the founders of "Tikron" (titanium Damascus).

I will tell you about crystallized titanium.

There are many ways to create crystals on titanium. Such methods as electrolytic deposition from molten salts at 900 degrees Celsius, short-term heating of a finished product made of pure titanium in a vacuum furnace to a temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius, and others. Some of these methods are patented, but all of these methods have significant drawbacks: low mechanical strength or crystals and a special crystal structure are only outside or the impossibility of processing or a small number of finishing options.

After several years of scientific research and experiments on laboratory metallurgical equipment in one of the scientific research organizations, I managed to create a unique method for growing crystals from liquid molten titanium with a given crystallographic orientation of the crystal substructures. The obtained material crystallized titanium "CrystalTi" does not have the disadvantages that other methods of creating crystals on titanium have.

Crystallized titanium "CrystalTi" is well processed (milling, grinding, polishing is the same as for ordinary titanium) has a special crystal structure not only on the surface but also inside, throughout the volume.

This material is very durable (due to the controlled growth of crystal substructures, the strength is greater than that of ordinary titanium, therefore the large size of the crystals does not reduce the strength), has excellent spring properties and many finishes with different visual effects, is absolutely hypoallergenic, has chemical and physical strength.

The method invented by me for the production of crystalline titanium "CrystalTi":


I melt the titanium(1700 degrees Celsius), add a little(0.01%) carbide as a source of future crystallization centers, + a few additives that reduce the temperature of the polymorphic transformation, then cool it very slowly(with several cycles of increasing and decreasing the temperature). This forces the crystal to grow from the melt in only one crystallographic plane, preventing the formation of crystals of the second and third order from the melt. Turning and thermooxidation with a gas burner or electrical anodizing.

Growing crystals consist of substructures that are oriented in the same crystallographic plane, which is different in each crystal. This is why a 3d effect appears when crystals reflect light at different angles on an absolutely smooth surface and a feeling of "faceted" surface is created.

In 2019, the company "CrystalTi Lab." was established. Our company strives to provide our customers with the newest and most technologically advanced material. This is a completely new and unique material on the market that has a huge potential for growth in popularity and demand. Our customers - jewelers, watchmakers, knifemakers, EDC manufacturers and others have already highly appreciated the advantages, quality and incredible appearance of products made from CrystalTi.

I will be glad if you are interested in my material.